Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Polymer Welding Services is committed to achieving the highest performance in occupational health and safety, with the aim of creating and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment throughout the business.

Consistent with this, Polymer Welding Services will:

  • Seek continuous improvement in its occupational health and safety performance, taking into account evolving community expectations, management practices, scientific knowledge and technology.
  • Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards and, where adequate laws do not exist, adopt and apply standards that reflect Polymer Welding Services' commitment to health and safety.
  • Involve employees and contractors in the improvement of occupational health and safety performance.
  • Train individual employees and hold them accountable for their areas of responsibility.
  • Manage risk by implementing management systems to identify, assess, monitor and control hazards and by reviewing performance ensure that employees, contractors and visitors are informed of, and understand their obligations in respect of this policy.
  • Communicate openly with employees, government and the community on occupational health and safety issues; and contribute to the development of relevant occupational health and safety policy, legislation and regulations
  • Support relevant occupational health and safety research.


Safety Principles

All injuries can be prevented

  • Working safely is a condition of employment.
  • Employee involvement is essential.
  • Management is accountable for safety.
  • All operating exposures can be safeguarded.
  • Training employees to work safely is essential.


Rehabilitation Policy

Polymer Welding Services recognises and accepts its obligations to assist in the rehabilitation of employees injured or made ill because of their work.

Specifically, our policy is that:

  • All the processes of rehabilitation are commenced as soon as possible
  • The employees involved return to their work in the shortest time possible, provided that it is safe and practicable to do so or, if this is not possible
  • They return to appropriate alternative work which does not jeopardise their well-being.

All employees are required to assist and co-operate in ensuring this policy is followed.

Each division or location, in consultation with its employees, will develop and document the responsibilities, procedures and practices that form the local Rehabilitation Program. 



We see good Housekeeping as the cornerstone to Safety and creating an efficient workplace.

We will be proactive, replicating good ideas and setting minimum standards

Our Housekeeping activities are in our equipment. Once we have identified what is needed and used in our business, and that it is functional and in good working order, we will ensure "A place for everything, and everything in its place".

This will provide a platform to build from. Self disciplined employees will then work to maintain these standards.


Products and Services Quality Policy

It is Polymer Welding Services' policy to offer and deliver to its customers, in a timely manner, a reliable and priceworthy service, consistent with the needs of users: a service of which we can be proud.

Specifically, it is our policy to:

  • Promote product quality and service standards as being the responsibility of each and every employee.
  • Establish and maintain a high degree of quality awareness at every level in the organisation, and encourage individual initiative in achieving product quality and appearance standards.
  • Understand customer requirements fully, and ensure we achieve the commitment we make about reliability, appearance, quantity and delivery.
  • Establish product and service quality through all stages of the distribution process including receipting, processing, storage and delivery of the product or service.
  • Ensure compliance with the relevant standards prescribed by external bodies.
  • Respond constructively and promptly to complaints about product quality and service, ensuring that lasting and relevant remedial action is taken.
  • Continually measure quality performance and show employees appropriate indicators of this performance.
  • Ensure that, where quality control and audit organisations are established, their operation always supports the sales distribution function, while fulfilling their special assurance role.

Where there is a conflict of interest between the principle of this policy and a need for reduced cost, increased saving, or the attainment of short-term demands, it is Polymer Welding Services' policy to decide in favour ofservice quality, performance and reliability.

Each manager or supervisor is responsible for implementing this policy in the area of business activity for which he or she is accountable.


Environmental Policy

It is Polymer Welding Services' policy to achieve a high standard of environmental care in conducting its business.

Polymer Welding Services' approach to environmental management seeks continuous improvement in performance by taking account of evolving scientific knowledge and community values.

Specifically, it is Polymer Welding Services' policy to:

  • Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards; uphold the spirit of the law and, where laws do not adequately protect the environment, apply standards that minimise and adverse environmental impacts resulting from its operations, products and services.
  • Communicate openly with government and the community on environmental issues, and contribute to the development of policies, legislation, and regulations that may affect Polymer Welding Services.
  • Ensure that its employees and suppliers of goods and services are informed about this policy and are aware of their environmental responsibilities in relation Polymer Welding Services' business.
  • Ensure that it has Management Systems to identify, control and monitor environmental risks arising from its operations.
  • Conduct research and establish programs to conserve resources, minimise wastes, improve processes and protect the environment.


Equal Opportunity Employment Policy

It is Polymer Welding Services' policy to achieve a high standard of environmental care in conducting its business.
It is Polymer Welding Services' policy to ensure that we make the best use of all available human resources.
Applicants for employment will be drawn from the full cross-section of the labour market, and selections will be based on the applicant's skills, qualifications, abilities and aptitude, or merit.
The business is equally determined to ensure that all employees receive equal opportunity for training, promotion and transfer, based solely on skills, qualifications, abilities and aptitude, or merit.
Polymer Welding Services is committed to making the most equitable and best use of our people, and to providing a work environment that is free of discrimination and fosters mutual respect.
Discrimination or harassment for any reason is unacceptable, and damages an employee's capacity to contribute to business success.
This policy prohibits harassment in any form and any action that constitutes harassment will not be tolerated.
At all times Polymer Welding Services will adhere to both the spirit and intent of anti-discrimination and affirmative action legislation.