• BHP Ravensthorpe Nickel Project, Western Australia

    Welding and installation of 19km of 710mm HDPE seawater pipeline, including transport of pipe ,hydro-test and installation of fittings.

  • Harvey Water Project Harvey Western Australia

    Installation of HDPE fittings and specialist work directly to the client.

  • Westonia Mine, WA. 2005

    Design, procure, install and commission 3km 355mm diameter pipeline and pump system to de-water approximately 1,400,000 m3 from an existing flooded open cut mine including state of the art environmental protective telemetry.

  • BHP Minerva Gas Project, Victoria. 2004

    Weld and install 280mm diameter fire suppression system and 2 x 1450m long 450mm diameter directionally drilled out-falls including launching and retrieving the pipeline at sea and installation through drilled bore-hole.

  • Sydney Water, NSW, 2004

    Weld and install 2100 m of 710mm diameter pipe in a directionally drilled bore-hole under the town of Wollongong.

  • Department of Primary Industry, Victoria 2003

    The design and construction of 2 x 700m long 200mm diameter sea water intakes.

  • Pasminco, Tasmania, 2002

    Construct and bury in seabed 200m long 800mm diameter acid waste line out-fall with additional 800mm intake supply lines.

  • South Australian Seafood, SA, 2001

    Design and construction of 2 x 630m long 300mm diameter sea water intakes and pump systems for abalone farm installed on the seabed.

  • Misima Island, Papua New Guinea, 1999

    Weld and install 4km of 450mm , 710mm, 800mm and 1100mm Polyethylene pipeline.

  • Oceanwave, Geelong, Victoria, 1998

    Full design, construct install and commission intake water system for abalone farm.