The safety plans are individually written for each project to take account of the site-specific requirements. The core structure of the safety plan is listed below but this can be broadened to encompass requirements of the client or legislation,

1. Site Induction
2. Personnel safety equipment
3. Plant checklist and inspection plans
4. Personnel skills and aptitude training
5. Job safety Analysis
6. Toolbox meetings
7. Incident reporting

Additional items such as lifting plans, confined space access procedures, working at heights, trench stability are initiated as required on site and will be reviewed by the safety committee. An elected/ nominated employee will be appointed as the Safety Representative on site and will be represent the company at any site safety committee level as well as being responsible for organizing Polymer Welding Services own safety committee.

All employees of Polymer Welding Services are fully qualified in their field of operation to the standards set by the Plastics Industry Pipe Association of Australia Ltd. To date Polymer Welding Services has accrued in excess of 62, 000 Man-hours in the last 4 years without a Lost Time Injury and has generated 15 Incident/Near miss reports. Polymer Welding Services management is responsible for ensuring a safe and hazard free work environment, this duty includes but is not limited to ensuring;
  • compliance with statutory requirements
  • employee's having adequate training in relation to Occupational Health and Safety requirements
  • provision of competent and trained personnel.
  • employees understand their duty of care obligations.
  • thorough investigation of all reported incidents with implementation of the reports recommendations on improvements.

All Polymer Welding Services employee's are to ensure they comply with their legal responsibilities in relation to their duty of care and understand that safety is everyone's responsibility and to take ownership of their own safety. This includes;

  • the timely and accurate reporting of all accidents and incidents to the designated safety representative. POLYMER WELDING SERVICES (Tas) Pty Ltd 8
  • Active participation in Job Safety Analysis and toolbox meetings.
  • Identify and eliminate hazards within the workplace
  • Not to misuse or interfere with any equipment or item provided for the safety and health of personnel.
  • Strictly follow all operational procedures and safe work practices established for each task
  • Maintain the highest standard of cleanliness and housekeeping in the workplace

Polymer Welding Services in the interest of all employee's does not permit smoking in shared air conditioned spaces or area's designated as no smoking. Polymer Welding Services will not accept any person in the workplace who by their use or misuse of alcohol or illegal drugs places themselves or others at risk by being unable to discharge their duty of care at work. Polymer Welding Services will ensure suitable and adequate fire extinguishing equipment is available at the workplace and that employee's are trained in its use.

Polymer Welding Services will ensure an adequate number of suitably qualified First Aid trained personnel and supplies are on site at anytime and shall make all employee's aware of the location and identification of these personnel and supplies. All accidents and incidents must be reported to the designated safety officer so that a full investigation can be implemented and recommendations or corrections to procedures advised to prevent a reoccurrence.

Good housekeeping is essential if safe working conditions are to be provided at the workplace and Polymer Welding Services will allocate sufficient resources in time and manpower to ensure the work areas are maintained daily in a clean and safe condition. Any substances in the workplace that are hazardous to the environment or health of employee's will be identified and a protection plan relating to delivery , storage, use of , clean up and disposal designed to control any risk to the workplace.

Suitable Personnel Protective equipment will be provided by Polymer Welding Services which will be worn by employee's at all times when identified as a requirement to protect against a potential hazard. All personnel safety equipment shall be kept in a good clean condition.

Hazardous procedures and environments shall not be initiated or entered until a Job Safety Analysis has identified the potential risks and suitable protection identified and supplied. It is the responsibility of all employee's and management to ensure they actively participate in the development of safe working procedures for the benefit of everyone in the workplace.

Polymer Welding Services will not tolerate inappropriate behavior at work such as practical jokes, horseplay ,misuse of equipment or any sort of behavior which may compromise the ability of themselves or others to carry out their work in a safe manner.

Polymer Welding Services has undertaken approximately $15 million worth of work in the past 6 years for various clients including BHP, Department of Primary Industry, Kellogg Brown and Root, Sydney Water and numerous local councils. This work has occurred in all sorts of environments ranging from major construction sites such as BHP's $1.8 billion Gas Plant at Minerva and the Roxby Downs Olympic Dam site to sole contractor sites installing ocean outfalls and abalone farms.

Polymer Welding Services has not had to apply for an extension of time for any of its projects and prides itself on ensuring it makes suitable allowance in its tenders to ensure it can complete the works without submitting variations other than those instructed by the client.

A list of referee's from previous contracts are listed below.

Mr. Neil Tregea:
Onshore Construction manager,
BHP Biliton
0400 242 533
Contract: BHP Minerva Gas project, Victoria

Mr. John Stuart Robinson
Construction Manager HDD
A.J Lucas
0408 617 869
Contract: Santos Petroleum Project, Victoria
Contract: Illawarra waster water outfall for Sydney Water

Mr. John Whitbread
General Manager
Pipeline Drilling Group
0418 188 113
Contract: Sydney Water

Mr. John Barry
Facilities Manager
South West Hub
Department of Primary Industries
0408 955 299
Contract: Design and construction of the ocean intake and discharge
pumping system 

Polymer Welding Services is able to would develop a Quality plan to suit the specific requirements of its client.

All personnel are qualified in Polymer pipe welding and fabrication to the standards required by Vinidex pipe suppliers and PMBWELD301A.
The quality plan would be administered on site and audited from Head Office with overall responsibility resting with the General Manager.

Polymer Welding Services is able to offer its client's a full Quality package including:

1. Engineered drawings

2. Engineered Design

3. Installation and operation manuals where appropriate

4. Full warranty for all works


Polymer Welding Services is able to develop an environmental plan date a site or client specific plan.

The plan would include but not be limited to:

1. Incident reporting procedure and plan

2. Emergency contact numbers

3. Incident response plans

4. Spillage kits

5. Waste Minimization

6. Recycling Bins

7. Site Housekeeping

Polymer Welding Services is able to call on the extensive experience of Mr. David Thompson during his time as a Fire fighter and a Diving Instructor when developing an environmental plan. Mr. Ian Grimes has also worked as the Safety and Environmental Manager on a $95m gas pipeline installation through the mountainous terrain on the Myannmar/Thailand border for McConnell Dowell Constructors in 1998.

The site induction carried out by Polymer Welding Services would include specific environmental roles and responsibilities as well as outlining appropriate responses in the event of an environmental incident. An environmental incident reporting plan would also be established with incident reports similar to those reporting safety incidents developed. Polymer Welding Services has to date had no reportable environmental incidents and has received acknowledgments from clients for its environmental responsibility.


Established in 1993 Polymer Welding Services has grown from a turnover of $450,000 to last years turnover in excess of $4,500,000. During this period Polymer Welding Services has operated at a profit each year. Profitability during this period has been averaging approximately 12.5%.

The following classes of Insurance are carried by Polymer Welding Services:

1. Public Liability of $10,000,000.

2. Workers Compensation.

3. Plant and Equipment.

4. Motor Vehicle.


Polymer Welding Services is an equal opportunity employer and a copy of its Equal Opportunity Policy is included in appendix 9.1. To date no stoppages due to industrial action have been suffered by Polymer Welding Services due to its operations or industrial relations policy.

Polymer Welding Services operates using Australian Workplace Agreements and is able to adjust its employee's benefits to fully comply with any site or Project specific conditions. 


Polymer Welding Services is a complete Polymer pipe design, fabrication and installation package and as such our plant and equipment list is the most extensive in Australia.

The owned plant we are able to call on includes but is not limited to:

1. 1 x 1200mm diameter KWH pipe welding machine
2. 3 x 900mm McElroy 1280 welding machines
3. 1 x 800mm diameter KWH pipe welding machine
4. 3 x 630mm diameter Dixons pipe welding machines
5 4 x 630mm diameter Wuxi pipe welding machines
6. 1 x 450mm diameter Dixons pipe welding ,machine
7 6 x 450mm diameter Wuxi pipe welding machines 
8 3 x 355mm diameter Dixons pipe welding machines
9 10 x 315mm diameter Wuxi pipe welding machines
10 6 x 250mm diameter Wuxi pipe welding machines 
11 4 x 225mm diameter Dixons pipe welding machines
12 1 x 315mm diameter Dixons pipe welding machine
13 2 x Portable extrusion welding machines
14 Workshop fabricator plant up to 630mm Pipe 
15 Site fabrication equipment from 25mm to 630mm Pipe

All of the above machines have matched pipe inserts to suit range of pipe diameter's and rollers. Polymer Welding Services currently owns the following generators to match the above mentioned welding machines.

1. 4 x 40 KVA Perkins Generator
2. 3 x 25KVA Nippon Silenced Generator
3. 2 x 12 KVA Honda Generators
4. 8 x 5 KVA Honda Generators
5. 4 x 65KVA Silenced Generators

Site support vehicles include:

1. Vehicle 1999 IZUZU NKK 12 Ton truck
2. Vehicle 1993 IZUZU NKR 5 Ton truck with 2 Ton crane
3. Vehicle 1993 Mitsubishi Equipment truck with 2 Ton crane
4. Vehicle 1993 IZUZU 4 Ton truck
5. Vehicle 1997 Ford Transit Equipment Van
6. Vehicle 1999 Ford Transit Equipment Van
7. Vehicle 1996 Ford Utility
8. 2 x Tracked Yanmar 5t cranes.
9. 2 x Front end loaders SWL 3t
10. 2 x heavy Duty Towing Tractors
11. 2 x Prime Movers and 2 x extendable trailer
12. Fully equipped hydro-test truck (Fire engine)

All equipment is fully maintained by Polymer Welding Services as part of its Plant and Equipment Safety program.


Polymer Welding Services has worked on and serviced projects that range from 2 man site units to the provision of a labor force of 55 experienced personnel on the Roxby Downs Olympic Dam project in South Australia.

The labour force for Polymer Welding Services is drawn from a close knit experienced group who have worked for the company on several projects over a number of years.

Due to the nature of the work the following key personnel are full time:

1. David Thompson

2. Alan Thurlow

3. Ivan Thompson

4. Adam Burton

5. Glen Buckpitt

6. Adrian Goss

7. Ian Grimes

Polymer Welding Services provide additional training to employees over and above the site safety and environmental requirements.

All employees are required to sign and comply with the companies various policies. Polymer Welding Services has an in house training plan for employee's to help them attain qualification under Vinidex and Kingstone Bridge welding plan.